The Cloud Process

Cloud Contract

Define and architect the solution
Preparing your system for the Cloud

Request for Information
Ask us your questions about the Contract

Leverage the contract
Understanding the services, vendors and procurement process

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Getting Started

Educate customers
Information about moving to the Cloud

Gathering requirements
Preparing your business and technical requirements

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Request Services

Transition application to the Cloud
Initiate the request for Cloud support from planning to procurement

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Community Practice

Perform operations and maintenance Obtain business, technical and contracts support to help define how you will oversee the operations and maintenance of your Cloud solution

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Unique opportunities for face to face
information exchanges to meet your mission needs.

  • selectedMeet the Vendors and participate in demonstrations.
  • selectedExplore Vendor products, architectures, services, use cases and partnerships.
  • selectedAsk questions in the Q&A forums tailored to your Cloud requirements.
  • selectedBenefit from Vendor lessons learned.

Acquisition Days

  • Meet the DOI Cloud Procurement Team
  • Learn more about the Cloud contract, timelines, and best practices
  • Leverage templates of procurement documents

Cloud First Strategy

Cloud Benefits